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Where does the data required for the basket software come from? 

General information about your merchant outlet e.g. merchant details, used currencies and distribution zones, basis freight, freight cost table, discount table etc. is stored with the basket application on the baskets web-server. 

Freight cost Table

Discounts Table

Currency No  > Weight   Cost 
(in currency applicable)
Currency No >Order Value
(in currency applicable) 
1 500 g 5 1 500 5%
1 1,000 g 7 1 1000 8%
1 5,000 g 10 2 300 5%
1 10,000g 15 2 900 8%
2 500 g 8 4 400 5%
2 1500 g 12 4 1000 8%
..... ..... .... .... .... ....

All product specific information which needs to be shown in the shopping basket or the order-email you as the merchant will receive needs to be submitted via html form. 
Some information gets entered by the customer and the other info needs to be given to the basket via parameters to the form action or via hidden fields.

What  product specific info is required?
The basket application needs to know at least: Product Name (NM), quantity (QU)  and price (PR).
 Additionally product option (SNM), Customer entry (COM) ,weight (WT) & product code (IOC) can be submitted. The product option and customer entry  will be shown in the basket. Weight can be used to calculate freight cost and product code is shown on the order-email only and helps the merchant with internal product identification.

Each item within a form statement gets assigned a running number e.g. NM1, QU1, PR1, NM2, QU2....
Information defined within the form-action statement cannot include blanks and therefore it is suggested to use hidden fields to define price etc.

If a value is defined in the form-action statement & a hidden field the value in the hidden field gets used.
When defining product specific info in hidden fields the expression "SB_"  is added to the expression name e.g. Price PR1 becomes SB_PR1 e.g. <input type=hidden name="sb_pr1" value="3.25"> defines the price for product 1.
In case of using multiple currencies multiple prices need to be defined e.g. <input type=hidden name="sb_pr1" value="3.25,4.40,6.25">
Prices can be defined as the values in the currencies defined or as nz-dollar value which then gets multiplied with the exchange rate to be shown in the basket. 

If the basket is switched to a currency number for which no values have been defined it will show the first price defined. 

EXAMPLES:  (please note that prices & weights in this examples are random figures only)

How to call the basket and add your items?

You call the basket by just calling the basket url and adding your Provider ID as a parameter. In case you have more than one currency you add the number to be used as parameter as well. You have to add the target frame if you want the basket to go into one of your frames.
e.g. href=",CNO=1" target=_top or with a button

How to add items to your basket?

With our pottery example we show you how it can be done as there are several ways.
Please look up the source code to work it out for yourself.

1. Single adding of one item. No form is required - a button of your choice with a link will do. Item specific values are sent as parameters with the link.

Add this wonderful Boat set to your shopping basket  for just NZ$25.Add Item to Basket

2. Single item with user entry fields for quantity, user comment and options: (in this case freight is included in the price already) 

Buy the complete Boat set - delivered to your door step - 
for only NZ$25.0, AU$ 30, US$ 24, EURO 26  
in blue  in red  in black  Enter Name to print on  

Multiple items (options) using just one "add to basket" button: (in this case the weight is defined each item is added to a defined basis weight and the freight cost will be calculated and shown accordingly - also a discount is defined to apply above an order value of NZ$ 100, US$80, AU$100 and EURO 100)

Kiwi Shopping basket Buy the marvellous personalized Boat Set as a whole or just individual pieces.
Plate  Name on plate NZ$10.00-
Mug  Name on Mug NZ$10.00-
Cup  Name on Cup NZ$8.00-
Complete Set Names on set NZ$25.00-


If you have any questions or are interested in using the kiwi basket please e-mail us.

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