Welcome to the  Kiwi Basket Web site.

You need a Secure Shopping Cart / Basket for your website or your clients website?
Add a  low cost,  fast, reliable and 100% secure shopping basket including secure server and credit card facility to your website.

We can offer you a simple to add shopping basket with all the features expensive e-commerce applications offer:

  • secure server for encoded submission of client details e.g. credit card information
  • checkout facility checks credit card numbers if they are  formally valid.
  • basket blends in with your website design to become  "part of your website".
  • shopping basket supports multiple currencies and product delivery zones (for freight calculation)
  • shopping basket supports freight calculations based on weight & delivery zone (country) 
  • shopping basket supports discounts based on order volume and currency
  • shopping basket supports minimum order requirement

A number of businesses are using our basket already e.g. http://www.tuibalmes.co.nz or http://www.comfit.co.nz.

Please check out the example and try out how it works or check out a more detailed description for the web designer.

If you have any questions or are interested in using the kiwi basket please e-mail us.


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